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artistically inclined. cullinarily inclined. sarcastic and rye humoured. sometimes angsty.

me: *eating patty*
coworker: hey gabby! you feeding your face?
me: hahahah
seriously? its this type of fat-phobic shit that makes me want to sandy hook peoples ass. i BET your ass...she wouldnt have said that if i were skinny. and its not like when i eat where people can see...that i eat a huge amount. it was ONE FUCKING PATTY.... i do all my nasty bingeing at home where nobody can see...and because im borderline, i have to make a big deal over it and over react.
why cant people jsut leave me the fuck alone? i do...i see you eating a whole damn pig and a diet coke and you dont see me telling u shit about it. and i BET if i were to go to her and be 'yo..i dont appreciate that' shed go 'jeez i was just kidding. calm down'. NO. FUCK YOU. GO DIE.