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an artist. a chef. a comedian. on occasion, an adorably angsty motherfucker.

can i just say, that i think id DIE if jamaica never sold Sunshine Snacks or other trinidadian products? for reals. there are some days when a nigga just wants some Cornados…or a bottle of Chubby and NOTHING else will satisfy that craving. maybe i want some pepper tamarind balls(dont act that that aint the tastiest thing you’ve ever eaten) or dammit, maybe i want a bottle of big red from Solo or better yet, one day i just may want a darn bag of KC mints or lollipops.

nothing beats trini food enuh. the things i would do right now…for a doubles, palhouri balls an a fresh coconut from the savannah(oh an a snow cone after)….i need to go home, yo.

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