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so my landlords daughter is sick in the hospital, yet her two friends seem to be here. riding up and down the garage...raping what personal space i have with their noise and their bodies. this conversation ensued...
child #1: oi stap ride di bicycle yah guh scrape up di people dem cyar
child #2: is arrite cus me love beatin'...me used to beatin'
me: *in my head* que le BUMBO!?
child #1: yeah man, you love beatin, suh when yuh guh a jail yah get NUFF beatin'
me: *in my head* o_o
child #2: naw, mi jus use to it
me: *traumatized by the realization that this child is used to abuse and may grow up to be a masochist...also traumatized by the brutal gang rape of my personal space, peace and quiet
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